We have three openings for custom orders in 2020. 

1st Opening: January 01 - March 31 
2nd Opening: June 01 - June 30 
3rd Opening: September 10 - October 10

How to place a custom order?
Contact us during an opening above by emailing info@siwatujewelry.com or call 876-538-8093 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 6 pm ET.

Points to Note
1. There is a minimum order value of 80USD for custom orders. 

2. Give us as many details as possible. This should include, but not be limited to the following:
A. Type of Jewelry (Pendant, Ring, Earring, etc)
B. Design (Drawing, Logo, Reference)
C. Metal Type (Brass, Copper, Sterling Silver or Solid Gold)
D. Size (This is very important to determine the cost)
E. Budget

3. The processing time for custom orders is 7-13 business days depending on the design.

4. Siwatu Jewelry reserves the right to decline a request to make a custom piece.

What is the difference between a custom piece and a personalized piece?
A custom piece is an item of jewelry that is not being offered on siwatujewelry.com and is made based upon a design that is provided to us. A personalized piece is any item that is available on siwatujewelry.com that offers the customer engraving and/or charm options.